Aerovy Closes Pre-Seed Round

Aerovy is pleased to announce the successful closure of our pre-seed round, totaling $800k. Funds will be used to deploy our software products to partners and customers across the globe.

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Aerovy Establishes Partnership With Electro Base

Aerovy, a pioneer in energy infrastructure software for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), and Electro Base, a leading provider of innovative battery container technology, are thrilled to announce an expanded partnership that is set to reshape the landscape of electric vehicle charging solutions.

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Purdue Innovates Startup Foundry awards $140,000 in equity investment to Aerovy Mobility

Purdue Innovates Startup Foundry, which helps startups prepare for venture investment, awarded $100,000 apiece to Aerovy Mobility and Uniform Sierra Aerospace, two Purdue-affiliated startup companies. Aerovy Mobility also received $40,000 from the New Venture Challenge pitch competition.

Two Purdue aerospace startups receive $100K, university backing

Aerovy Mobility, one of the aerospace startups affiliated with Purdue University, has been granted $100,000 in financial backing from the university. This funding will support Aerovy Mobility's efforts in developing pioneering technologies and solutions for the aerospace industry, emphasizing their role in advancing the field of electric aircraft and air mobility.

Electro.Aero Forms New Partnerships to Accelerate Electric Aircraft Charging Solutions

To further advance it’s electric aircraft charging solutions towards commercialization, has formed partnerships with SkyPortz, Altaport, Aerovy Mobility, and Greenstar Aviation. All of these partnerships seek to enhance’s offerings for turnkey electric aircraft charging solutions.

Electro.Aero Announces Four Partnerships At Revolution.Aero Dublin

Electro Aero, a key player in electric aviation charging solutions, has unveiled four new partnerships at the Revolution Aero event. These collaborations aim to drive innovation and accelerate the development of efficient charging infrastructure for electric aircraft, further supporting the advancement of sustainable aviation technologies.

Electro.Aero Signs Charging Partnership Deals With Four Electric Aviation Firms

ElectroAero has inked charging partnership agreements with four prominent electric aviation companies, signaling a significant step towards advancing electric aircraft charging infrastructure. The collaborations aim to enhance the development and implementation of efficient charging solutions, accelerating the growth and adoption of electric aviation in the industry.

Startup Aerovy is Developing Software to Manage Electric Aircraft Charging

AeroVy, a startup focused on electric aircraft technology, is developing innovative charging solutions to support the growing electric aviation sector. The company aims to address the unique challenges associated with charging infrastructure for electric aircraft, contributing to the advancement and adoption of sustainable aviation.

Purdue startup targets growing electric aircraft market

A startup affiliated with Purdue University, whose focus is on developing technology for the electric aircraft market, is gaining traction. The company aims to capitalize on the increasing demand for electric aircraft by creating innovative solutions and services that address the unique challenges of this emerging industry.

Aerovy Mobility develops cloud software to support infrastructure for electric aircraft

AeroVy Mobility has successfully developed cloud-based software tailored to bolster the infrastructure required for electric aircraft. This innovative solution enables efficient management, real-time monitoring, and data analysis of critical components such as charging stations, thereby facilitating the integration and optimization of electric aircraft within transportation systems.

Purdue University launches air mobility startup

Purdue University has announced the launch of an air mobility startup aimed at advancing the development and deployment of electric aircraft. The startup will leverage Purdue's expertise in aerospace engineering to drive innovation and create solutions to support the growing air mobility industry, including electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Purdue startup Aerovy Mobility develops cloud software to support infrastructure for electric aircraft

AeroVy Mobility, a startup founded by Purdue University alumni, has developed cloud software that aids in the management and optimization of infrastructure for electric aircraft.

Purdue Startup Aerovy Mobility Develops Cloud Software to Support Infrastructure for Electric Aircraft

AeroVy Mobility, a Purdue University startup, has created cloud software designed to support the infrastructure needed for electric aircraft. The software enables efficient management, real-time monitoring, and data analysis of charging stations and other essential components, aiming to facilitate the integration of electric aircraft into transportation systems.

Student Team Wins FAA Competition by Tackling Power Needs in Electrified Aviation

A team of researchers from Purdue University has emerged as the winners of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) challenge to design a charging infrastructure for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft using renewable energy sources.