Energy planning and management built for AAM.

A comprehensive suite of solutions to power your electric aviation goals.

Vertiport of the future, powered by Aerovy.


Energy Infrastructure Planning
Site analysis for AAM Ground Infrastructure.
AATLAS dashboard for energy planning and site selection
Demand Assessment
Assess travel patterns and demographics to predict site demand.
Infrastructure Siting
Comprehensive siting analysis allows for network-level forecasting and analysis.
Energy Assessment
Predict energy needs, recommend grid contracts, assess required assets.
Renewables Sizing
Size batteries and renewable including solar, hydrogen, etc.


Energy Operations Management
Hands free energy arbitration.
Fully Automated & Remote Operations
Control all of your energy assets from one central platform. Agnostic of hardware.
AerovyAI Energy Arbitrage
Control energy flow and minimize reliance on local energy grid.
Automated Billing
Simplify billing between utilities, microgrids, and charging facilities.

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Ops that get better with time.

Energy Cost Optimization
Dynamic and Tiered Pricing
Reduce Grid Reliance

Vertiport & Energy Infrastructure Siting

Location-optimized analysis and recommendation.

Compare and analyze multiple sites based on utilities, transport demand, location, transit access, and operational costs.

Energy Infrastructure Investment Optimization

Cost-Effective Planning for the Future of Clean Energy

We consider investment costs, projected demand, scalability, as well as on-site location analysis to help you make informed decisions on infrastructure expenditure. Streamline scaling with site-specific grid contract recommendations.

Monitor with Precision

Live Monitor for Microgrids and Electric Vehicle Charging

Keep a finger on the pulse of your microgrids and electric vehicle charging infrastructure with our Live Monitor tool. Receive live updates, detect anomalies, and ensure smooth operations for enhanced control and reliability.

Maximize Energy Value

Empowering Energy Arbitrage

Unlock the full potential of your energy resources with our efficient energy arbitrage solution. Seamlessly balance energy usage between microgrids, utilities, and charging infrastructure to optimize energy costs and maximize value.

High-Fidelity Data

Unparalleled data accuracy and timeliness.

Developed specifically for AAM needs, Aerovy data is analyzed minute-to-minute including models based on each step of the flight system as a whole.

That means granularity in data and accuracy that translates to better risk analysis and higher energy margins.