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Enhance operational efficiency with automated solutions that simplify energy management across your entire site.

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Unify Your Energy Ecosystem For Complete Operational Transparency

Spectra simplifies complex airport energy systems into a single, unified dashboard. Our AI-driven platform seamlessly integrates with all types of energy assets and infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and transparency. With real-time monitoring and scalable architecture, Spectra supports your airport’s growth and enables complete control over every energy interaction—from utilities to Ground Support Equipment (GSE). Gain the clarity and control you need to manage and expand your energy resources effortlessly.


Eliminate Downtime and Isolate System Faults Quickly

Ensure continuous operation with our robust fault detection and built-in disruption mitigation. Our systems are designed for redundancy and resiliency, with foundational AI models and best-in-class demand prediction to ensure your operations are safeguarded against unexpected disruptions.

Fault Detection
Demand Forecasting
Weather Data
Peak Shaving
Network-Level Optimization


Harness AI for Enhanced Energy Strategy

AerovyAI harnesses Spectra’s unification technology to streamline energy management across airport and vertiport infrastructures. By integrating various energy systems, such as solar panels, generators, and battery storage, Spectra creates a cohesive platform for real-time energy optimization.

Its AI algorithms predict energy needs and adjust distribution to maximize efficiency and reduce costs, while supporting the unique demands of advanced air mobility. This approach not only lowers energy expenses but also enhances sustainability, making operations more eco-friendly and economically sound.


Unlock Advanced Air Mobility Operations

Aerovy leads the way in Advanced Air Mobility with integrated solutions that set the standard in AAM research and development.

Our systems are designed to support the complexities of vertiport automation systems (VAS) and urban air traffic mobility (UATM), ensuring seamless operations in urban air travel. Aerovy provides the infrastructure needed to manage, optimize, and scale urban air mobility, paving the way for efficient and sustainable vertiport operations.


Drive Sustainable Energy Practices

Go beyond compliance—achieve and exceed sustainability goals with our advanced energy solutions.

Our solutions empower airports and vertiports to drastically reduce carbon emissions. By leveraging our advanced algorithms and real-time data analytics, Aerovy enables facilities to maximize the use of renewable energy sources, minimize environmental impact, and pave the way for a sustainable aviation future.

How it works


Connect to every device that generates or distributes power across your site, effortlessly. Through standard industrial IoT protocols like OCPP or physical gateways for legacy equipment onboard quickly for the usage insights you need.


Surface data into a unified dashboard to get  actionable insights into your energy network. Leverage Alerting, Fault Detection, and Business Intelligence either in-program or using our API to drastically reduce operational overhead.


Utilizing foundational AI-driven algorithms, Aerovy optimizes the distribution of energy resources across your operations. We ensure optimal usage during peak times and reduce wastage, allowing for smarter energy consumption and significantly lowered operational costs.

Take the Next Step Towards Sustainable Aviation

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