We're on a mission to power the future of aviation.

We build software designed to make the growing complexity of electrification dead simple.

Our story

Industry Defining Research and a Promise to Enable Sustainability

Aerovy was founded in September 2022 with a mission to revolutionize the management of energy infrastructure in the burgeoning field of advanced air mobility (AAM). Born out of over nine years of research conducted through partnerships with Purdue University and NASA Langley, Aerovy quickly positioned itself at the forefront of sustainable aviation technology.

The company gained early recognition by winning the Grand Prize in the 2022 FAA Challenge, affirming its role as a trailblazer in electric aviation. With strategic investments from Purdue Innovates Startup Foundry, M25, and Plug and Play, Aerovy has developed and deployed its flagship products, Spectra, Scout and AerovyAI, which optimize energy usage and enhance operational efficiency for airports and vertiports worldwide.